The Story of SKŌNI

Born in the Beauty of Charleston

The story of SKŌNI takes you well beyond the golf course. With southern roots firmly planted in the Charleston lifestyle, we took some innovative steps to create the most comfortable, versatile, slip-on golf shoe that can be worn on and off the course. Rarely comes a golf shoe that changes the way you live life and play golf. On the links or out for drinks, SKŌNIs are ready to play.

SKŌNI proper noun

\ 'skō-nē \

A casual, comfortable, great looking golf shoe.

Origins: From Danish skoni (shoe) and skōni (beautiful)

More Than Shoes

SKŌNI began with a dream of a golf shoe that not only looked great on the course, but could also be worn anywhere and all day too. Thus, we created a shoe that’s nothing like the old-guard golf shoe brands. Our mission is to bring fashion, color, and comfort to the ever-changing golf market. Join us for the walk!